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Sommelier Talk - 12 -

During the last 60 years from the Showa to the Heisei eras, ingenuity and technology advancements of unprecedented speed have improved the machinery used in sake related research, development and production. For instance, sake brewing steps spanning from rice polishing to koji and yeast production, have all improved greatly to ensure a top quality outcome. Through use of these advanced machineries, more sake breweries are now able to produce high quality sake with a nice fragrance ...

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Sake School of America
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  • for sake professionals and enthusiasts
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SAKE SCHOOL OF AMERICA is endorsed by the Sake Service Institute International (SSI), the largest organization of sake sommelier certification in Japan.



                          Certified Sake Adviser
                      Certified Sake Sommelier
                      Certified Shochu Adviser
                      Certified Beer Adviser

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