Kicking Off Japanese Craft Spirits Month 

Surprisingly, Shochu is virtually unrecognized by the average American consumer. Mention of Shochu leaves people fumbling – or worse, misidentifying it with Korean Soju. Pick up a bottle of Shochu and you will see SOJU sometimes written on the label if it contains less than 24% alcohol. There is a lengthy explanation why but for now, let’s focus on one unique way Shochu is being recognized.

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I have always been curious about Sake and as a Wine educator wanted to know more about its process and style. To understand a product, you need to know its history, processes and styles, and this course covers all in a fun and entertaining program.

James King, Certified Wine Educator and Wine Judge Chief Educator & President, The Texas Wine School, Dallas

Ueno has an unparalleled understanding of sake, but it’s his ability to explain this often confusing subject that makes his expertise so worthwhile.

Robert Bath, Master Sommelier, Wine and Beverage Instructor The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, St. Helena

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