Brewery Spotlight: Katoukichibee Shouten (Born) | Feb. 26, 2024

MON 02/265pm PT | 8pm ETCLICK Here
Guests: Atsuhide Kato (President & CEO), Mr. Hirasawa (System Engineer & Chief Clerk), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond)

Our spotlight is back and brighter than ever with Katoukichibee Shouten as the star. Located in Fukui prefecture, Katoukichibee Shouten has produced top-notch sake since 1860. Many know this brewery as the makers of the award-winning BORN sake.

We will be joined by Katoukichibee Shouten’s charismatic 11th Generation President & CEO Atsuhide Kato and System Engineer & Chief Clerk Mr. Hirasawa. During the webinar, we will peek inside the brewery and find out what kind of music is played while their moromi (mash) ferments among other not-so-known facts about how this unique brewery operates. This webinar is a rare treat for both budding BORN sake drinkers and hardcore fans. We will have a Q&A at the end of the session, so come thirsty for answers!

Estimated time: 1hr 15 min

We look forward to seeing you!

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