Brewery Spotlight: Katsuyama Shuzo | May 2, 2024

Date Time Registration THU 5/2 5pm PT | 8pm ET CLICK Here Guests: Euka Isawa (Brewery Representative), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond) Our spotlight travels to Katsuyama Shuzo, the revered maker of the Katsuyama sake label. Established in 1688 in Miyagi prefecture, Katsuyama was appointed by one of Japan’s most famous military commanders and […]

Brewery Spotlight: Yaoshin Shuzo (Gangi) | Mar. 26, 2024

Date Time Registration TUE 03/26 5pm PT | 8pm ET CLICK Here Guests: Hisashige Kobayashi (President and Managing Director), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond) Our spotlight highlights Yaoshin Shuzo, the famous makers of Gangi sake. Located in Yamaguchi prefecture, Yaoshin was founded in 1877 along the “gangi”, or stone stairs that run alongside the […]

Brewery Spotlight: Katoukichibee Shouten (Born) | Feb. 26, 2024

Date Time Registration MON 02/26 5pm PT | 8pm ET CLICK Here Guests: Atsuhide Kato (President & CEO), Mr. Hirasawa (System Engineer & Chief Clerk), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond) Our spotlight is back and brighter than ever with Katoukichibee Shouten as the star. Located in Fukui prefecture, Katoukichibee Shouten has produced top-notch sake […]

One Tree Planted

Join us in making a difference for the planet! Sake School of America is proud to announce our new initiative to donate $1 (= 1 tree planted!) for every student who completes our Sake or Shochu Adviser programs. We believe in taking action to protect the environment and ensure a better future for our children […]

-NEW VIDEO- Brewery Tour: Ryujin Shuzo

Join Kaoru, Eda, and Yo san as they tour Ryujin Shuzo’s breweries. This quiet brewery in Gunma is staffed by only SIX brewers! Alongside the deep history the brewery holds, Ryujin Shuzo is constantly looking for ways to create new and exciting sake concepts that will catch the eyes of new and existing customers. From […]

-NEW VIDEO- Brewery Tour: Nanbu Bijin

Check out Nanbu Bijin’s brewery in Iwate prefecture with Kaoru, Eda, and Yo san! We will take a quick look at their water source, the brewery’s kojimuro, the overnight room for kurabito, koji drying, the fermentation room, tanks, pressing machines, bottling, pasteurizing, and more! You’ll also catch a glimpse of their new Tasting Room. The […]

Brewery Spotlight: Suigei Shuzo | Jul. 13, 2022

Date Time Registration WED 07/13 5pm PDT | 8pm EDT CLICK Here Guests: Hirokuni Okura (CEO), Makoto Myoujin (Toji), Kazuyoshi Miura (Sales), Asami Sano (PR), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond) Watch out for…🐳WHALES!🐳 ・。.・゜✭・・✫・゜・。 This time we are spotlighting Suigei Shuzo (Drunken Whale) in Kochi Prefecture. Known for their amazing hospitality and party culture, […]

Tanaka Shuzo & Francois Chartier: The Art of Sake Blending | Apr. 07, 2022

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration THU 1/07 w/ Francois Chartier, Morikawa Toji, Marcus Ito, and Tanaka 1789 x Chartier Team 3pm PDT | 6pm EDT CLICK Here Welcome to the world of・。.・゜✭・Sake Blending・✫・゜・。 What happens when you combine a centuries-old sake brewery with a world-class wine sommelier?A sake made for wine and food lovers. A […]

Izumibashi: The Art of Kimoto | Jan. 12, 2022

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration WED 1/12 w/ Kayoko Abe, Rachel Fiekowsky, Sara Guterbock, Yuichi Hashiba, Eda Vuong, 5pm PT | 8pm ET(THU 1/13 10am JST) CLICK Here ・。.・゜✭・The Art of Kimoto・✫・゜・。. Explore The Art of Kimoto with Sake School of America and Izumibashi Shuzo. Yuichi Hashiba, Izumibashi’s 6th generation President, and Kayoko Abe, Izumibashi’s […]

Brewery Spotlight: Kamotsuru | Feb. 01, 2022

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration TUE 02/01 w/ Toshio Ueno, Eda Vuong, Kaoru Tomoyoshi, Kamotsuru Team 5pm PT | 8pm ET(2/02 10am JST) CLICK Here ・。.・゜✭・The Town of Sake・✫・゜・。. Let’s take a trip to Saijo Town in Hiroshima! Our friends at Kamotsuru will tell us why Saijo is nicknamed the Home of Good Sake, what […]