Brewery Spotlight: Suigei Shuzo | Jul. 13, 2022

WED 07/135pm PDT | 8pm EDTCLICK Here
Guests: Hirokuni Okura (CEO), Makoto Myoujin (Toji), Kazuyoshi Miura (Sales), Asami Sano (PR), Kaoru Tomoyoshi (Kaoru Sake and Beyond)

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This time we are spotlighting Suigei Shuzo (Drunken Whale) in Kochi Prefecture. Known for their amazing hospitality and party culture, Kochi has a long history of connecting and relationship building with sake. And, of course, they’re also known for their sea of whales!

Our friends at Suigei will dip into some information on history, location, brewery buildings & processes (Koji, Shubo, Yeast!!), Kochi sake style, and Suigei products. We will then have a virtual tour of their Tosa Brewery, followed by a Q&A with the President/CEO, Toji, Sales Staff, and PR Staff.

Estimated time: 1hr 15 min

We look forward to seeing you!

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