Brewery Spotlight: Kamotsuru | Feb. 01, 2022

DateGuest SpeakersTimeRegistration
TUE 02/01w/ Toshio Ueno, Eda Vuong,
Kaoru Tomoyoshi, Kamotsuru Team
5pm PT | 8pm ET
(2/02 10am JST)

・。.・゜✭・The Town of Sake・✫・゜・。.

Let’s take a trip to Saijo Town in Hiroshima! Our friends at Kamotsuru will tell us why Saijo is nicknamed the Home of Good Sake, what sake legends came from the area, and what Kamotsuru sake is all about! Aren’t you curious which US President had a sip of the Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold? Or maybe you’re curious if making the visit is worth is? Find out at our Brewery Spotlight w/ Kamotsuru!

After our presentation, we will be taken on a live tour of the brewery as well as wrap up our session with a Q&A. Come thirsty for knowledge (:

We look forward to seeing you!
This FREE event will be an hour long.
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