-NEW VIDEO- Brewery Tour: Nanbu Bijin

Check out Nanbu Bijin’s brewery in Iwate prefecture with Kaoru, Eda, and Yo san! We will take a quick look at their water source, the brewery’s kojimuro, the overnight room for kurabito, koji drying, the fermentation room, tanks, pressing machines, bottling, pasteurizing, and more! You’ll also catch a glimpse of their new Tasting Room.

The brewery was established in 1902, and the Nanbu Bijin brand name came to be in 1951. The Iwate area used to be called Nanbu (South), and is rich with nature, abundant water, and fertile soil. In Japan, most breweries of the time made quite rough, inelegant, sweet sake, but this brewery wanted to create clean & beautiful sake like a fair southern maiden. Hence, the name Nanbu Bijin, or Southern Beauty.

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