Sake and Shochu: A Dynamic Duo for Beverage Enthusiasts

If you’re a beverage enthusiast looking to explore something new and exciting, consider getting to know sake and shochu. These drinks are a dynamic duo that has been enjoyed by Japanese culture for centuries, but more recently, they’ve been making their way into popular bars and restaurants worldwide. But what exactly are sake and shochu? Sake […]

Sake: The Art of Pairing for the Discerning Drinker

Sake, the traditional Japanese rice wine, has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years (and it’s becoming particularly popular in the US). But the history of sake dates back thousands of years, with records suggesting that it was first brewed in Japan over 2,000 years ago. Sake-making has since become an art form, with skilled brewers […]

WSET Level 1 Sake: The Basics of Sake Production and Tasting

Even though only 2.5% of restaurants offer sake on their menu, it’s still a highly beloved drink by its consumers. People who know to order this traditional Japanese drink have high expectations. Perhaps you’re interested in joining sake professionals to produce and share this beverage’s delicious flavor profile. If so, you’ve come to just the right article to […]

Sake vs. Shochu: Comparing Japan’s Iconic Alcoholic Beverages

A fascinating shift in Japan’s age-old drinking tradition has recently caught the world’s attention. For over a thousand years, sake has been the go-to spirit, deeply intertwined with Japanese culture. However, the country’s drinking habits highlight an unexpected turn of events. Shochu, Japan’s other national drink, has overtaken sake in local consumption. Not only is being a sake specialist an […]

Sake and Health: The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Sake

About a decade ago, scientists revealed that a glass of red wine a day may benefit heart health. Yet, wine is not the only alcoholic beverage that can be good for you in moderation. Sake, one of the most popular Japanese beverages, is a fermented drink with major implications for wellness. Sake health benefits range from having few calories and […]

Sake Tasting 101: How to Taste and Appreciate Japanese Rice Wine

Kampai! (Meaning “emptying the glass”, or “cheers” in Japanese).  Drinking sake is celebratory, yet comforting, traditional, yet trendy. Sake consumption is evolving and growing as people recognize the rich complexities and aromas of Japan’s national drink.  The US and Canada now account for 29% of the global sake market. Sake education is also on the rise. With […]