Sake Sales Success – Sake Marketing 101 w/ Sara Guterbock | May. 15 & 22, 2020

Date | Friday, May 15th and 22nd, 2020
Time | 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST
Location 05/15 | Free Zoom Registration 
Location 05/22 | Free Zoom Registration 

Please join us for a LIVE, virtual seminar dedicated to marketing Sake, improving sales & taking advantage of the exponential growth of Sake in the USA! This special seminar is dedicated to helping Sake vendors, distributors, restaurants, and retailers adopt proven systems for success in sales!

For Restaurants
▪ Building a Better Sake List: How to properly list, organize & price selections in ways that make sense for any establishment or list!
▪ Reducing Risk: How to demystify sake listings for both staff & consumers!
▪ Maximizing Profits: Sensible pricing systems for glass, carafe & bottle sales.
▪ Captivating Consumers: Capitalizing on special features, events & Sake Cocktails!

For Retailers
▪ Location, Location, Location! Cross merchandising & the Asian Food Boom
▪ Size matters: Capitalizing on the growth of the convenience category & consumer interest in unique packaging.

For Vendors & Distributors
▪ Invigorating Sales: Building effective catalogs, sales & education materials

About Our Guest

Sara Guterbock
CBS, ISS, ASP, CS, CWE, DipWSET, JSA Sake Diploma,
WSET Level 3 Sake Educator, International Kikisake-shi

Sake School of America educator & seminar presenter, Sara E. Guterbock, has nearly 30 years of Food & Beverage experience, with over 18 years in alcohol beverage sales, more than half of which has been dedicated to product education & Sake portfolio management.

Sara spent a year living in Japan as a high school student and grew up in a family that placed great emphasis on learning and experiencing the Japanese language and culture.  Becoming proficient in Sake has brought together Sara’s passion for the beverage industry with her life-long love of Japan, its people, traditions, and cuisine.

Sara devotes a tremendous amount of energy introducing people to the complexities and beauties of Sake and its unmatched ability to pair with food.  She has developed a growing portfolio of 135 sakes, the largest in North Carolina, which she helps to distribute, market, and educate about throughout the state and beyond.


  • Gordon Heady


    • Eda Vuong

      We hope to see you at one of the talks! Make sure to register for one of the dates we have 🙂
      If you can’t make it, we would really love it if you could help spread the word about this event.

    • Damian

      Is this a one part talk?
      Same talk on different dates?


      • Eda Vuong

        I believe this is the same talk/lecture on two different dates.

  • Sara E Guterbock

    Hi! YES! This is the same course being offered at two different times!

  • Tomoko Fujikawa

    Hi Sara-Sensei,

    Thank you very much for the invitation.
    I would like to participate to Sake seminar of The Sake Tsunami on May 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you on-line.

  • Tomoko Fujikawa

    Hi Sara-Sensei,

    Thank you for your kind invitation. I would like to participate to Sake seminar of The Sake Tsunami on May 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you on-line.


  • Miyuki Yoshida

    So sorry I had to log-out in a few minutes, will attend second round on 5/22. Thank you!