Kanzake: Warm Sake Seminar with Sake Discoveries| January 27, 2021

DateGuest SpeakersTimeRegistration
WEDS 01/27w/ Chizuko Niikawa-Helton,
Sake Discoveries, Sake Caliente
4pm PT | 7pm ETCLICK Here

Don’t believe the anti-hot sake hype! Sake is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed at various temperatures. 

Join us as Chizuko, founder of Sake Discoveries + Sake Caliente,  shows us fun and unique ways to enjoy sake warm! She’ll share food pairing ideas and demonstrate easy blending techniques. We’ll feature some sake that truly shine when they are warmed. 



Wanna join in on the tasting fun?
We’ll be tasting the following:
– Hakkaisan Yukimuro 3 Year Aged Junmai Ginjo
– Tengumai Yamahai Junmai
– Tenmei Junmai Ginjo
– Nanbu Bijin No Sugar Umeshu
This selection can be found on Tippsy . Please inquire with your local retailer regarding the Tenmei.


About Chizuko Niikawa-Helton:

Chizuko has a unique background. She grew up at the 400-year-old Buddhist temple in a small snow town in Akita, then moved to Tokyo to work in the fashion business. She moved to New York in 2004 with a Kikisake-shi certification, then she became a top sake sommelier at NYC’s preeminent sake restaurant Sakagura. Chizuko cultivated a selection of over 300 different sake labels, a collection size rarely achieved, even in Japan.

In 2008, focused on developing independent sake events and on sake sales techniques designed to make sake more fun, delicious, and entertaining, she founded her own consulting company, Sake Discoveries, LLC. Focused on increasing sake fans nationwide, she consults with restaurants to develop unique sake lists and staff training programs. Also, she is a founder of Sake Caliente, a pop-up Kanzake – hot sake bar project. She has promoted her love of Kanzake culture in this fun way. She was awarded the prestigious title of Sake Samurai by the Japan Sake Brewers Association.


  • Hiroko Stanhope

    I took the sake advisor course and would like to continue learning about sake.

    • Eda Vuong

      Hello! Thank you for your interest. The next step would be our Sake Sommelier course (International Kikisake-shi) or if you want a challenge, we recommend the JSA Sake Diploma. We have a Sake Sommelier course coming up soon. You can find that on our Courses page. As for the JSA Sake Diploma, that would be sometime in the fall, the date has not been confirmed yet.