KUBOTA: Day in the Life of a Toji w/ Motoyoshi Yamaga | Feb. 18, 2021

DateGuest SpeakersTimeRegistration
WEDS 02/18w/ Motoyoshi Yamaga,
Kubota Team
5pm PT | 8pm ET
(02/19 10am JST)

Ever wondered what goes on in a sake brewery?
What about the daily life of a Toji (Master Sake Brewer)?

Toji/Master Brewer Motoyoshi Yamaga

We will be joined by Toji/Master Brewer Motoyoshi Yamaga who will show and tell us about his daily life as a Toji Yamaga san will also share some background on two of Kubota’s newest sake releases: Kubota Senjyu Junmai Ginjo & Kubota Daiginjo Genshu. These sake will be available in the USA within the next few months. We hope you look forward to drinking them!

If you have any burning questions for the Kubota Team, they would be happy to answer them for you.

Kubota Senjyu Junmai Ginjo
Kubota Daiginjo Genshu

About Kubota Sake:

Established in 1830 with the motto of “quality first“. Brewing sake is making rice. Not only do they focus on obtaining high-quality sake rice, they dedicate time and effort in their labs to increase said rice’s quality. Their efforts do not stop there, however – in order to help sustain the environment, they implement the ISO14000 system of environmental sustainability, and also participate in various activities to preserve their natural surroundings. Additionally, they hold tea ceremonies, concerts, and cultural events for the local community. The goal is to make a fun, sustainable, and ultimately enjoyable environment with sake.

Visit their website: https://www.asahi-shuzo.co.jp/global/