Sake for All: Why Sake is Becoming More Inclusive and Accessible

Sake is becoming more inclusive and accessible due to various reasons. From the Japanese National Tax Agency launching a Sake Viva! contest in an effort to get younger people to consume more alcohol to the increase in popularity of sake schools, there’s no denying this Japanese rice wine is about to have its big day (if it isn’t already) in pop culture.

However, it’s not like sake is anything new. Sake is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, brewed for centuries with rice and water. In recent years, thanks to globalization and an interest in international alcohol, sake has become more inclusive and accessible for people from all walks of life to enjoy. 

From restaurant menus to retail shelves, sake is popping up everywhere as it continues to rise in popularity across cultures. Now business buyers have many flavors, styles, and producers. Whether you’re a buyer for a restaurant or retail shop searching for new beverage offerings, read this article to learn about everything sake.

What’s Fueling the Growth of Sake?

Sake has a long history dating back to the 8th century when it was used for religious offerings. If you didn’t know already, it’s a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting and polishing rice. In this context, its brewing process is similar to beer. 

It was mainly consumed with sushi in the past, but people now enjoy sake with various cuisines. You can even find craft bars selling sake alongside other spirits, such as whiskey and wine, in places like the US and China, two of the leaders in sake consumption.

While the increase in popularity is great for sake education worldwide, it’s difficult to talk about inclusivity without mentioning women’s history as part of sake history.

Women were once excluded from the sake-making process but now have leadership roles in the industry. While the number of female master brewers remains low in Japan, opportunities are plentiful in the US. 

Ultimately, it’s not just about making sake inclusive; it’s also about making it accessible. Variety and creativity are keys in the American sake scene, where consumers are interested in quality and education when choosing different types of sake.

The Importance of Sake Education

As you can see, sake has become a popular drink in the United States. However, many consumers still lack knowledge about how it’s made and what makes certain types unique. This is where sake education comes in. 

Consumers are interested in exploring the sake world but need to learn more about the drink first. In addition to consumers, retailers such as restaurant and bar owners should also understand sake to cater to their customers’ needs and interests. 

Educated sellers can provide valuable information on the different types of sake, the brewing process, and how to pair it properly with food.

The good news is that the sake industry is responding to the growing interest in education. Organizations like the Sake School of America and the Sake Education Council offer courses covering all aspects of sake, from its history to brewing.

Sake Varieties

Still don’t see the big deal? Well, imagine the hundreds of varieties of wine or beer. Sake is the same; the market has a lot of variation. 

Sake can be brewed with different types of rice, water, and yeast, resulting in unique flavors and aromas. When properly educated, retailers and consumers can learn about how these factors impact sake and how to identify them. In short, it pays to become a sake specialist.

Sake Labels & Terminology

Learning about the labels and terminology used within the industry is another important aspect of education. This can help consumers make informed choices when selecting sake to try or purchase.

Overall, sake education helps both consumers and retailers better understand the drink, from its rich history to its intricate brewing process. With the demand for sake growing in the United States, education will play an increasingly important role in expanding the drink’s appreciation and accessibility.

What to Know About Sake School

Where’s the best place to learn about sake in the United States? Right here at the Sake School of America. We offer specialized education and training centered around Sake, Shochu, and Japanese liquors. With a team of knowledgeable industry professionals, our comprehensive education caters to enthusiasts looking to become sake specialists.

The team at Sake School of America includes experienced:

  • Sake brewers
  • Expert sake sommeliers
  • Sake event specialists
  • Beverage portfolio managers

With our varied backgrounds and experiences, we can offer valuable and diverse perspectives to our students. What can you expect to learn at a sake school like ours?

You can get certified and gain fundamental knowledge about the history and intricacies of sake. Each student can explore the vast world of sake, its types, and its application to food. By the end, you should know how to craft a well-balanced sake menu.

Sake enthusiasts and professionals alike will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their passion and grow their careers in the sake industry. Here is an overview of two of our most popular courses for a brief taste (pun intended) of what you can expect.

Sake Adviser

The Sake Adviser Certification Course is designed to enhance one’s knowledge of sake, whether they are in the hospitality industry or simply a sake enthusiast. The course delves into the history, ingredients, production methods, serving and food pairing, and the classification system of sake.

The seminar also offers a tasting of over 15 unique sakes to showcase the variety in modern sake production.

Sake Sommelier

The Sake Sommelier Course is designed for individuals who’ve earned their Sake Adviser Certification and want to further their education in a business and service-oriented capacity.

The course offers the opportunity to taste and analyze 12 premium Japanese sakes. The goal? To explore the intricacies and subtleties of the beverage. The final exam covers everything necessary to become a Kikisake-Shi, a Sake Sommelier). You’ll be able to expand your knowledge of beverage offerings and craft a sake menu like a pro.

Join the Sake School of America

Interested in attending sake school? We have several course offerings available to novices and professionals alike. Browse through our course offerings or contact us today to chat about your interests and needs.