Japan Sommelier Association

Japan Sommelier Association (J.S.A.)

The Japan Sommelier Association conducts businesses related to improving the qualities of people involved in food culture in Japan, disseminating knowledge about beverages, improving service technology, and ensuring the hygiene of the environment in which food and drink are provided. It was established with the aim of improving food culture and providing rich eating habits to people, improving the society of people involved in food culture, and contributing to society at large.

For the purpose of contributing to the spread of beverages and improvement of public health, training of sommeliers, etc., business related to holding seminars, workshops and competitions to improve the qualifications of members, qualification business related to beverages and food, creation and sales of teaching materials Business related to, dissemination and enlightenment business, business related to overseas exchange with international sommelier associations and wine promotion organizations in Japan, and business related to the world’s best sommelier competition.

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