Sake and Shochu: A Dynamic Duo for Beverage Enthusiasts

If you’re a beverage enthusiast looking to explore something new and exciting, consider getting to know sake and shochu. These drinks are a dynamic duo that has been enjoyed by Japanese culture for centuries, but more recently, they’ve been making their way into popular bars and restaurants worldwide. But what exactly are sake and shochu? Sake […]

Sake vs. Shochu: Comparing Japan’s Iconic Alcoholic Beverages

A fascinating shift in Japan’s age-old drinking tradition has recently caught the world’s attention. For over a thousand years, sake has been the go-to spirit, deeply intertwined with Japanese culture. However, the country’s drinking habits highlight an unexpected turn of events. Shochu, Japan’s other national drink, has overtaken sake in local consumption. Not only is being a sake specialist an […]

Experience Shochu: Japanese Craft Spirits in America

If you missed this seminar, don’t fret! We have a recording of it! 😉 The Consulate General of Japan in New York presents Experience Shochu: Japanese Craft Spirits in America Classical + Modern. This one-of-a-kind experience includes a brief lecture from the Director of Sake School of America, Toshio Ueno, and a discussion on sustainability. […]

Japanese Craft Spirits Festival| Feb. 28, 2021

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration SUN 02/28 w/ Toshio Ueno, Kota Kimura, Eda Vuong, & more! 4pm PT CLICK Here You may know Japanese whiskey but are you familiar with other traditional spirits of Japan? If not, I invite you to deepen your understandings of a 500-year tradition of spirits making in Japan, “Shochu” and […]

Awamori Sunrise 2021 – Cocktail Recipes

Mexican Food Pairings Nick’s Food Pairing: Carnitas or Al Pastor Tacos w/ corn tortillas, Tortilla Chips and a mild or roasted salsa Hana Shimauta Highball Serves one 2 oz Hana Shimauta 4 oz Topo ChicoFresh Orange PeelIceCollins/ Highball Glass Preparations: Freeze or chill your Hana Shimauta and serving glass well. Add ice and Hana Shimauta […]

Shochu & Thai w/ Chef Tina Termsomket| Feb. 24, 2021

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration WED 02/24 w/ Tina Termsomket, Toshio Ueno 5pm PT | 8pm ET CLICK Here Let’s talk shochu, awamori, and Thai food with award-winning chef, filmmaker, and sake sommelier Tina Termsomket! Tina is the owner of and project head of multiple restaurants and wines: Must be Thai, Pineapple Thai, Share Wine, […]

Awamori Sunrise | Feb/Mar 2021

View the Awamori Sunrisewith THREE amazing guest speakers. Date Guest Speaker Times Registration WED 02/10 w/ Nick Korn 3pm PT | 6pm ET CLICK Here WED 02/17 w/ Christina Veira 3pm PT | 6pm ET CLICK Here WED 03/03 w/ Kellie Thorn 3pm PT | 6pm ET CLICK Here What’s that on the horizon? It’s […]

Shochu Month Special Webinar| Feb. 03, 2021

Date Guest Speakers Time Registration WED 02/03 w/ Toshio Ueno, Kota Kimura 5pm PT | 8pm ET CLICK Here Come explore the delicious world of SHOCHU with Toshio Ueno and the Consulate General of Japan LA’s Kota Kimura. We’ll talk about the lesser-known Japanese spirit, shochu, and the different ingredients that it can be made […]