blue sake can wrapped in Japanese fabric

Sake Splash: Kikusui Perfect Snow

This’ll have you doing the can-can. Welcome back to Sake Splash with Eda! Have you ever wanted to make it snow any time of the year? Well, now you can with Kikusui Perfect Snow. Seriously! You may have seen Perfect Snow in its beautiful 300ml and 720ml sized bottles, but did you know it now […]

2020 JSA Sake Diploma Exam Date Announced!

The 2020 JSA Sake Diploma Exam will be held at Sake School of America in Los Angeles, and at New York Mutual Trading in Secaucus, NJ on October 19th, 2020. We will also be offering a 3-Day preparation course for this exam via Zoom on Aug. 24th-26th. Sign-ups will be available soon! Please contact […]

Sake Splash: Mio Sparkling Sake

Bubbly, delicate, and elegant. Who needs diamonds when a glass of Mio can make you sparkle? Welcome to the very first post of Sake Splash with Eda! During these trying times, we understand how difficult it is to focus on the positive and find the strength needed to push forward. We all need a win, […]

Building Your Career in Japanese Sake

Congratulations, you’ve decided to become a Sake Specialist! Or maybe you like drinking Japanese sake with friends and want to know more about your sake options. We help students of all backgrounds choose courses. What course pathway is right for you?     I’d like to know more about Japanese Sake because I enjoy it. […]

Kicking Off Japanese Craft Spirits Month

Surprisingly, Shochu is virtually unrecognized by the average American consumer. Mention of Shochu leaves people fumbling – or worse, misidentifying it with Korean Soju. Pick up a bottle of Shochu and you will see SOJU sometimes written on the label if it contains less than 24% alcohol. There is a lengthy explanation why but for […]

Discovering Shochu: Episode 18 – Features by Shochu Types

One of the most effective angles to explain Shochu is to segment them according to type. The following is rundown of various aspects, according to major Shochu types. Created by the Sake Service Institute, the largest Sake educational organization in Japan, the information will serve as useful reference in increasing Shochu fans. Flavor Type #9074 […]

Discovering Shochu: Episode 17 – Closing the Unfamiliarity Gap

Let’s say, that all the artisan greatness of a Honkaku Shochu and their success stories in Japan aren’t generating the same excitement here in the US.  Maybe it’s time to take a novel approach for a solution by stepping away from Japanese eateries and taking a look at successful American drinking establishments.  They may hold […]

Sommelier Talk: Episode 19 – Explicit Flavor Descriptions

The previous episode showed exemplary words to describe Sake aroma and texture.  Let’s now move onto flavor description terminologies: sweet taste, acidity, bitter taste, and Umami.   Keeping in mind that Sake temperature can greatly influence the sensitivity of one’s palate, sake served at two varying temperatures will be quite different with a sake at […]

Discovering Shochu: Episode 16 – Creating a Menu That Works

A menu that’s concise and straightforward is effective in enticing more Shochu drinkers.  To start, the first important step is to evaluate the restaurant surroundings, configuration and the main characteristics that define its key positioning.   Also, design an all-inclusive alcoholic beverage menu, together with Sake and beer. The final step is to meld these […]